The mission of the Maine Stone Workers Guild is to recognize and encourage excellence in stonework and to educate the community to the value of its members and resources.

The Maine Stone Workers Guild promotes the services and products of its membership and supports the growth of quality stonework and stoneworkers.

About MSWG

Throughout the world, the reputation of the artist and craft worker from Maine is one of care and excellence. The Maine Stone Workers Guild represents individuals who work with stone and use both traditional and modern techniques. We understand and appreciate the power and beauty of stone. From hammer and chisel to diamond power tools and sand blast etching, Guild members can design, cut, carve, and build whatever the stone will allow. Stone’s most familiar attribute is permanence, but it is also a tremendously versatile material.

The same material that provides a firm foundation to the tallest structures can also bring delicate beauty into your home, garden, or workplace. Working either individually, or combining skills in collaboration, the Maine Stone Workers Guild can bring the best to project designs; will cut, carve, and build in stone; and will show the incredible range and versatility of stone.